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Fall Fashion Guide

Fall, a season of transition, where nature’s palette transforms and the air becomes crisp with the promise of cozy moments. It's that time of the year when fashion takes on a whole new character, mirroring the changing landscapes. At fern+daisy, we're giddy with excitement as we dive into fall fashion, blending nostalgia, comfort, and sustainability to bring you styles that resonate with the essence of autumn. Here's our Fall Fashion Guide for this season.

classic turtleneck and fitted skirt

Picture this: the rustle of fallen leaves beneath your boots, the Dunlap Skirt gracefully swaying with every step,

paired elegantly with the cozy Rains Turtleneck. This is the embodiment of fall fashion inspired by the early 2000s and the iconic Lorelai and Rory Gilmore style. Toss on your favorite scarf, zip up your cherished boots, and you’re ready to conquer the autumn breeze in style. We love this look because each piece pairs perfectly together but also because each fits so well with other pieces already in your closet. Dreaming of the skirt with a vintage button up and the sweater with some thrifted denim.

Rory Gilmore rocking the turtleneck and skirt look

Morehead Coat on Friends in both color ways

As the weather cools, the Morehead Coat steps in, an epitome of sophistication and warmth. It's not just about shielding from the chill; it’s about doing so while exuding grace and style. Draping yourself in the Morehead Coat is like wrapping yourself in a hug from fall itself, a classic piece perfect for the season’s adventures. We love the Morehead because just like the rest of your collection it was design with versatility and sustainability in mind.

Morehead Coat and Rains Turtleneck on Model Downtown Enjoying Coffee
Campbell Knit Set on the Go

For the lazy days or bustling travel escapades, envision yourself in the Campbell Knit Set, the epitome of relaxed loungewear. Paired with tennis shoes, it’s the perfect ensemble for casual outings, travel, or simply a day spent indoors. Feel the cozy embrace of fall while staying fashionable and comfortable. This set has become a favorite of all of our customers with good reason - the organic cotton waffle knit is warm and cozy while not being heavy or itchy. The substantial fabric allows you to feel confident from the sofa to the farmers market. The pockets are deep and wide - great for stashing your keys and cell phone!

Campbell Knit Set cozy  at home

As the leaves begin their magical transformation and the air carries a hint of autumn, we invite you to embrace the cozy vibes with our fall collection at fern+daisy. From the Dunlap Skirt and Rains Turtleneck to the Morehead Coat, and the Campbell Knit Set, we have curated a selection that embodies the spirit of the season.

Let's make this fall a celebration of style, sustainability, and the simple joys that come with the changing seasons. Step into the cozy, stylish embrace of fern+daisy and let's paint the town in the hues of autumn.

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