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Our Team

Our team is comprised of valued partners who have come alongside the mission of fern+daisy. Everyone at fern+daisy has worked diligently to build a brand with integrity that creates quality garments rooted in timeless style. Each season takes over two years to build. We are thankful for the unique skills and strengths that have built a community of beautiful collaboration. Each of our pieces holds the kindness, passion, and hard work of our entire team.

Thank you, partners!

Thank you to each and every one of our special partners who fearlessly run their own businesses. Their hard work and expertise allowed fern+daisy to come to life. Thank you for being on our team! 

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Founder + Designer

Appalachian Apparel Designer takes on the rugged road of economic diversity back home. Nicole is the creative visionary and founder of fern+daisy.

Nicole grew up running in the rural mountains of Central Appalachia and developed a love of art and design from a young age. Her passions were always encouraged by her loving family, especially her Mamaw Fern and Mamaw Daisy. Nicole had the opportunity to hone her creative energy through many traditional forms of fiber arts during her childhood through 4-H. It was in middle school that she first felt called to the fashion industry. She earned an apparel design degree in the capital of the American Textile Industry - Greenville, SC. During her time in college, she worked with the underserved community in our American Prison System offering friendship and spiritual counsel to women housed at high-security facilities in upstate South Carolina. She went on to learn about product development from several well-known brands headquartered across the Carolinas and was able to grow as a designer under many wonderful managers and mentors.

She continued to connect and build relationships with marginalized women through development programs at women’s shelters and food banks. 

During her career, she saw a significant disconnect between development and the customer with a lot of waste in between. Nicole knew there had to be a way to make products people enjoy while being a good steward of our planet and the people who call it home. Her goal has always been to marry her love of sustainable fashion with her love of serving others. By offering a hand or a second chance to those who are often overlooked, fern+daisy is a dream come true.



We are always open to hearing your story and how we can grow together. Are you interested in becoming a part of our team? Reach out to us at

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